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Manufacturer of multi functional Busbar processing machine taking
active part in the overseas market with infinite potential power.

Convenient Bending System

Attached “Angle Indicator” that was newly developed in 2007.  Faster working speed by 10 times than the existing type. Easy transfer of “Angle Indicator” with convenient attachment/detachment typeaccoring to the width of Busbar.

Innovative Punching System

Punching system with new type being developed newly in 2007 and acquired patent. Reducing working hours too much and improving efficiency of work by 10 times since unnecessary job such as using punching jig and marking on the busbar.

Punching Stopper Auxiliary Unit

It is a very useful unit for users to punching busbar with under 15mm width and 5mm thickness. Just attached to the exisiting punching stopper for preventing dragging up of Busbar after punching.